• Team L3 Training for Typhoon Texas Kids Tri 2019
    Dates: 3/15, 3/22, 3/29, 4/5, 4/19, 4/26
    Location: Kingwood Park High School
    Time: 3-5:00 pm
    NEW- Pay for camp by clicking on "store" and print liability waiver above and bring to 1st day of camp.
    We also have some team members competing in the Oasis Triathlon May 16-17, 2020 in Humble TX



    I am a licensed Physical Therapist and a competitive Triathlete with over 20 years of experience. My extensive background in both of these areas makes me uniquely qualified to offer the complete training experience to those new to the sport as well as those looking to take their triathlon training to the next level.

    I provide coaching to all athletes regardless of their age and experience level. As a Physical Therapist, I can train the injured athlete back to race shape as well as help all my athletes reach a PR.

    Texas Runner and Triathlete News Fall Issue 2019


    What I love most is to educate athletes. I teach all my athletes how to train smarter and how to listen to their bodies to know when to back off to avoid injuries. I emphasize the importance of incorporating rest days in the training program to avoid injury and burn out. I believe strongly in frequent communication with all of my athletes to build trust and work together as a team to achieve their goals.


    I have four major beliefs:
    1) Have fun! This is a sport and not a job. Make sure you enjoy it.
    2) Listen to your body. Don't push through pain, but don’t quit when you are sore. There is good and bad pain and it is important to know the difference.
    3) Involve your family. It is very important in achieving your goals to have your family supporting you to achieve balance in all aspects of your life. 
    4) Aim high!  You can achieve your goals through professional coaching.


    USAT All American 2014
    Swam competitively at Grand Valley State University.
    Swam the English Channel as part of a 4 man relay team in 2001.
    Received USAT's honorable mention  2005, 2006, 2008.
    USAT Nationals Olympic distance Vermont 2012.
    Ironman Florida in 2008 in 11:34. Consistently place in the top 10% in my age group.

    USAT Level 1 Certified Triathlon Coach

    USAT Level 1 certification Nov 2012 - Present

    Private Coaching, 2012 - Present

    Masters Swim Coach at the Lake Houston YMCA March 2013 - 2018

    Masters swim coach at Kingwood Athletic Club, 2004 - 2010

    Head coach Grosse Pointe Farms Barracuda summer swim team, 1991 - 1993

    Private swim lesson instructor (ages 2-adult), 1990 - Present

    Current licenses/certifications

    Physical Therapist (#1149323), 1999 - Present

    American Red Cross Lifeguard instructor, 2003 - 2008
    American Heart Healthcare Provider BLS (CPR and AED)

    University of Montana

    Doctor of Physical Therapy, 2010




    Grand Valley State University

    MS of Physical Therapy, 1999

    BS Health Science, 1995



  • Team L3 training camps

    Typhoon Texas - 5/3/20
    Junior 100/2/1 Seniors 200/4/2
    camp dates: 3/15, 3/22, 3/29, 4/5, 4/19, 4/26

    we have a team discount, email me for specifics

    Captain Kids Triathlon - 9/8/19 location K-Park High School
    Junior 100/2/.5 Seniors 200/4/1
    camp dates (tentative): 7/28, 8/4, 8/11, 8/18, 8/25, 9/1

    Camps cost $200/kid/camp or a $40 drop in fee

    for each day your child attends a camp.


    2019 Race Results



    Galveston 10K 52.08 4th AG

    Kerrville 1/4 IM 9/29/19 2:49.08 1st AG, 11th female, 61st overall

    Sylvan Beach Sprint 6/9/19 1:10.2 1st Masters, 5th female, 25th overall

    Silverlake Sprint Tri 5/2/7/19 57.55 1st AG, 4th Female, 12th overall

    Tri Girl Sprint Relay (with my daughter) 5/19/19 :46.12 1st relay

    Texas Independence Relay 3/30-3/31 Team Relay 200+ miles

    Kingwood 1/2 Marathon 1/1/19 1:53.20 8th female, 22nd overall


    2018 Race Results


    La Porte 1/2 Marathon 11/18/19 2:01 20th AG

    Galveston Bridge 10K 10/20/18 51.21 6th AG

    Kemah Bridge 10K 9/16/18 54.50 8th AG

    Silverlake Sprint Triathlon 5/27/18 1:01.42 1st Masters Female, 2nd female overall, 15th overall

    Tri Girl Sprint Relay (with my daughter) 5/12/18 48.28 2nd place relay

    Wunderlust 1/2 Marathon 4/7/18 2:02.09 3rd in AG

    Texas Independence Relay 3/24-3/25 Team Relay 180 miles

    Kingwood 1/2 marathon 1/1/18 1:49.44 6th female, 29th overall



    Ironman Texas 4/28/18 16:13.07 PR 1st IM distance

    Houston Marathon 1/14/18 4:55.3



    Houston 1/2 Marathon 1/14/18 2:24.33 PR by 3 min. from Dec. 1/2





    Oktoberfest Olympic 10/8/17 2:20.46 1st Masters Female, 3rd female overall, 30th overall

    Sugarland Tri Spring 6/4/17 1:00.58 1st AG, 6th female overall, 23rd overall

    Springs Back Triathlon 5/7/17 1:17.15 1st overall female, 13th overall

    No Label Sprint Triathlon 4/8/17 1:05:15 1st AG, 3rd Female Overall

    Texas Independence Relay 3/25 & 3/26



    Run Girl 1/2 Marathon 12/3/17 2:27.11 PR by 20 min.

    Fairfield Triathlon Sprint 10/22/17 1:21.54 4th AG

    10 for 10 Texas 10/14/17 2:27.06



    Shiner Beer 1/2 Marathon 11/18/17

    Kemah Sprint 10/8/17 1:28.39 8th AG, 59th overall

    Lazy Hazy Crazy 5K 8/12/17 25.35



    Galveston 1/2 IM 4/2/17 6:19.48 PR





    Oilman 1/2 IM 11/6/16 5:39.27 5th AG

    Oktoberfest Olympic 10/9/16 2:19.42, Female Masters

    Springs Back Duathlon 5/1/16 2:16.14, 1st AG, 4th female

    No Label Sprint Triathlon 4/2/16 1:01.18 1st AG, 4th female overall

    Houston 1/2 Marathon 1/17/16 1:54.41

    Kingwood 1/2 Marathon 1/1/16 1:46.32, 12th female 29th overall



    Jeff and Bredes Sprint Tri 1:02.26 2nd in AG

    Woodlands 1/2 Marathon 3/5/2016 2:00.51



    Galveston 1/2 IM 4/10/16, 6:40.41 PR

    Rodeo Run 10K 2/27/2016 49.27



    Tejas Triathlon 5/22/16 1:17.42, 5th AG


    2015 Race Results


    Oktoberfest Oly 10/11/15 2:18.55 1st masters, 3rd overall female

    Towne Lake Olympic 9/7/2015 2:22.511st AG, 34th overall

    Clearlake Olympic 8/2/2015 2:44.08 1st AG, 3rd overall female

    T-Gator Triathlon 1st masters, 3rd overall female

    Tejas 1:05.25 1st Masters, 4th female overall, 33rd overall

    Springs Back Olympic Triathlon 2:25.37 1st Masters 2nd Female overall 13th overall

    No Label Sprint Triathlon 1:10.58 1st AG 4th Female overall

    Kingwood 1/2 Marathon 1/1/15 1:50 6th Female

    Surfside 1/2 Marathon 2/22/15 1:48 1st Masters Female 14th overall


    Tim T.

    Texas Ironman 11:01.07 272 overall

    Galveston 70.3 4:57.23

    Kemah Olympic 2:26.24 6th AG 26th overall


    Travis W.

    Shadow Creek Triathlon 1:21.19

    Tejas Triathlon 1:20.41

    Lousiana 1/2 Marathon 1:57.37

    Rhythm and Blues 1/2 Marathon 2:00.3


    Joe W.

    Rhythm and Blues 1/2 Marathon 1:33.45 PR 3rd in AG


    Mitch M.

    Oktoberfest Sprint 10/11/15 1:25.08 1st AG, 39th overall

    Towne Lake Olympic 9/7/15 2:48.51 3rd AG

    Tri Waco Olympic 3:18.53 3rd in AG

    Springs Back Olympic Triathlon 2:55.38 1st in AG

    CB&I sprint triathlon 1:29.57


    I offer various pricing packages tailored to the needs of the individual athlete.

    Individual Training ($250/mo)

    • custom weekly or biweekly workouts    
    based on individual goals
    • nutrition education to include training and race day nutrition
    • unlimited emails/calls to coach
    • initial 1:1 consultation to set goals and discuss training plan
    • continuous education on equipment, race day preparation, transition set up, and race day strategies
    • minimum of 3 month commitment

    Semi-private Training

    ($200/mo each athlete)

    • group training for up to 3 people training for same race
    • nutrition education to include training and race day nutrition
    • Weekly or biweekly workouts developed for “group” goal race
    • unlimited emails/phone calls to coach
    • initial consultation with group to set training plan/goals
    • continuous education on equipment, race day preparation, transition set up, and race day strategies
    • minimum of 3 month commitment

    Private lesson for any sport ($45/ ½ hour session)


    • swim, bike, run, transition, or strength training
    • strength training can occur at your gym or home

    Strength training program ($150/month)

    • customized to address individual areas of weakness determined at initial consultation
    • strength training can occur at your gym or home
    • nutrition education
    • 1:1 initial consultation to “evaluate” weakness to develop plan
    • 1st meeting to go through training plan and answer questions (½ hour)
    • 1 additional meeting (½ hour session) to modify or progress program as needed within 2 months
    • minimum of 2 month commitment
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    Karen Williams

    Tina was my coach for Escape to Alcatraz triathlon in San Francisco. I had been using a training plan that was based only on my time trails. Some of my injuries may have resulted from not enough recovery time and too much running for me. I have been having some issues with knees and hip. Tina designed a custom training plan to enable me to finish my race and finish strong without further injuries. We spoke once a week to adjust my training according to the pain I was having at the time. It was an added bonus to be able to have Tina as my physical therapist. I am taking some time off this winter. When I start back training in January, I will be using Tina as my coach. Tina has been my voice of reason. I tend to push myself and not allow injuries to heal. By using Tina as my coach for next season, I feel I will be able to participate in more races. My goal is to be injury free next year and improve my swim and run. I feel Tina will help me accomplish these goals.


    Tina coached our 16 year old son for his first three sprint triathlons. She was always very organized about sending out weekly training plans and could quickly adapt them if necessary due to weather or scheduling conflicts. We appreciated that she always had our son’s safety as the number one priority whether in the water or cycling on the road. As a physical therapist she was also cognizant of when he was injured and knew how to adjust his training. Our son swam for 9 years competitively in summer league but he said that Tina was by far the best swim coach he ever had. In addition to providing him with the necessary training regimen she was able to refine his stroke techniques and breathing to help him transition to open water and make him a more efficient swimmer. Our son said Tina’s biggest strength as a coach was in motivating him. In both training and during races, he always knew she was there encouraging him. He felt prepared going into races because of the training she provided but it was the mental boost and motivation she offered that he felt gave him the final aspect he needed to succeed.

    Mike Williams

    I like to say I've been dragged kicking and screaming into the sport of triathlon. Some friends started doing tri's. Then they started a tri club. Then to seal my fate, my wife started. I watched her practically kill herself training for her first Ironman. She did finish, and way ahead of what she planned, but in my opinion, at a heavy price. After a knee injury from skiing, my wife started training with Tina. I saw a huge difference in my wife's attitude and performance in races. I saw her being injured less, really enjoying races, and becoming much, much more competitive.
    So now I've jumped into mix. I started with a few sprints and finally decided to try an Oly with my wife. Some day I would like to try a full IM, but I just don't think I have the determination to get up that early or stay up that late for training. The first thing Tina asked me was, what are your goals? Tina arranged workouts around my schedule. She didn't "beat me up" if I missed a work out. On one bike work out, I fell. I seperated my shoulder and fractured two bones. I still felt like I had time to recover and race. Tina rearranged my work outs again. She did weekly updates and asked for weekly reports. I feel that it was a huge advantage that she is a physical therapist. She came to an open water swim work out and stretched my shoulder. There are so many little things that she did that I feel made a difference. Even though the swim part of my 1st Oly was canceled, I feel I did as good as I trained and am happy to have made my original goal - To finish, and not be last. And it was FUN.

    Kyle & Conner Foley

    Tina has an extensive background not only in the sport of triathlon but also in swimming. An intimidating part of the sport. Consequently, as I looked for a coach to get my son started in triathlon I looked to Tina to get him comfortable in the water and develop a training program based on his individual goals. “Tina has a way of working you real hard but making it fun. I can’t wait to have her work with me again.” Conner Foley (17)

    I have been participating in triathlon for several years and always looked to Tina for guidance and support over the years. Besides being an athlete herself, her professional physical therapy expertise was often called upon to correct muscle imbalances as well as injury prevention and healing. I was excited when I had the opportunity to have her as a personal coach and mentor. Recently I looked to Tina to re-motivate me after a couple of Ironman races to develop some focus on disciplines that needed improvement. She worked with me to improve my weaknesses, stay injury free and be physically and mentally prepared for race day. –Kyle Foley (45)





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